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NFTxLV’s Battle of the Developers
Powered by Summon Platform
Submissions Period: Aug 7th – Sep 7th
Developers will have the opportunity to submit their current or past work that aligns with the event’s criteria
Preliminary Judging: Sep 7th – 21st
A panel of expert judges will evaluate the submissions
Community Judging: Sep 29th – Oct 30th
Projects that pass preliminary judging will be presented to the community for evaluation and voting
Announcement of Winner: Oct 30th
Winners will be announced on stage, a culmination of the community’s collaborative efforts
Current Rules
BOTD will be conducted remotely, expanding its accessibility to a wide range of developers across various locations. Both current and past works are eligible for submission, provided they adhere to the event’s rules. Those who advance past the preliminary stage will be allocated booth space to present their projects
Hackathon will be remote
Can be current or past work but must be submitted per the Rules of Competition
Projects that pass preliminary judging will be offered booth space at NFTxLV!
Rules of Competition
1. Teams and projects may only submit to a single challenge track.
2. Project code must be published under either Apache 2 or Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International open source licenses.
3. Work may be current or past work as long as it is released as open source during the Hackathon.
4. Project must have a functional minimum viable product or proof of concept.
5. Employees and affiliates of Summon, NFTxLV, or Hackathon sponsors are ineligible to win prizes.
6. Teams submitting to the Hackathon need not be present to win except for the “Community Choice” category which will be determined and awarded during the event.
Smart Contract Track
This track invites developers to pioneer innovative and fresh use cases for smart contracts. The objective is to craft ingenious solutions involving tokens or native assets that reveal enhanced or unprecedented functionality within the ecosystem
Token Tooling Track
This challenge field is all about supporting the backstage efforts required in crafting a token project before it ever graces the blockchain. It emphasizes developing tools to facilitate off-chain tasks, like metadata creation, image generation, explorers, APIs, and more.
Tokenization Track
Unleash your creativity here! If you have a unique tokenization or utility use case, or a groundbreaking idea for a new specification or standard, then this track is your stage
Community Choice
All projects that participate and are chosen to exhibit during the NFTxLV show will be subject to the attendees’ vote at the event. Let the community be your judge!
Prizes for participants to be announced