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Onboarding Checklist
Thank you for participating in NFTxLV 2023.
Please complete the steps below to help us make your experience at the event smooth!
Fill out the form
This will help us learn more about your company
Customize your map info
Map helps attendees view floor plan, make your booth stand out!
Email your logo
500×500 PNG or SVG. Will be used for Exhibitors page
Check Exhibitor Information Deck
PDF file available below
Find your booth on the map
Invite your friends and family to the event
Get up on stage to share your thoughts
How to customize your map info
After you reserved your booth, you can access the dashboard by clicking on auto-login link from your reservation confirmation email.
Below is an example link:

Do not share the link with people not associated with your company! This is where you customize booth info.
The image below is an example view of your booth on the map. Each section is optional, but we highly recommend filling all the details.

This includes things such as:
– Company name
– Leading image (clicking redirects to any webpage of your choice)
– Company description
– Video and/or images
– Marketing materials
– Location, website, social links, contact details, etc.