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The current narrative surrounding Web3, as influenced by recent SEC filings, emphasizes its role predominantly as a financial mechanism. It is now essential that the Web3 community coalesces, demonstrating a united front to reshape this perception. By doing so, we can highlight the diverse and comprehensive potential of Web3 beyond being merely a tool for the financial sector.
Let’s challenge this narrative together and reshape the perception of Web3’s impact and potential. Join us for the ‘WEB3 UNITED: A Collaborative Forum’, a gathering of visionaries and pioneers in various sectors, taking place from September 28th to 29th, 2023, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
During these engaging workshops, we will collaboratively construct a broader message showcasing the inclusive and transformative potential of Web3 technologies beyond finance. This is your opportunity to partake in a forward-thinking, community-driven conversation and contribute to the future of Web3 as a platform for technological innovation.
If you’re enthusiastic about joining the endeavor to reshape Web3’s narrative, we cordially invite your participation. To get involved, you can reach out to Marco directly at [email protected] or schedule a meeting via his Calendly link: We’re anticipating your valuable contributions to our workshops and to the collective vision of our digital future. Together, let’s build a more decentralized and inclusive digital future.



Welcome to “Web3 United: A Collaborative Forum”, a series of interactive workshops designed to unravel the transformative potential of Web3 technologies across diverse industries. This forum invites innovators, pioneers, and enthusiasts committed to exploring and leveraging the power of Web3 beyond its widely recognized financial implications.

At the heart of our forum is a shared endeavor to answer the compelling question: “How does Web3 help improve your particular space for both creators and consumers?” In an engaging environment of collective brainstorming, we’ll explore the manifold ways in which Web3 can enhance various sectors, catalyze transparency, champion inclusivity, and spur trailblazing innovation.

Participants will collaborate to explore the uncharted territories of Web3, gaining an understanding of its potential to usher in a decentralized and democratized digital future. Our end goal is not just a set of powerful, industry-specific narratives but a broad showcase of how Web3 can revolutionize sectors beyond finance, leading to a fair and vibrant world for creators and consumers.

Join us in this transformative journey as we harness the power of shared wisdom to fully comprehend, articulate, and exploit the potential of Web3 in sculpting a more balanced and thrilling digital landscape.

If you’re prepared to challenge the status quo, reimagine the possibilities, and play an active role in shaping the future narrative of Web3, this forum awaits you!


Thursday 28th

Friday 29th